Sandon Point 10th Anniversary Festival, 17,18,19 December 2010

 It's been a ten year fight for Dootch and all the mob down at Kuradgi in Bulli to save their sacred site from developers. Sandon Point, as it is commonly known is a beautiful headland south of Sydney, rich in beauty, wildlife and culture and we want to help preserve the land for public use....and not as an urban housing estate for the rich! The Aboriginal Tent Embassy are putting on their biggest event ever to celebrate their 10th year of resistance. We're helping them do it, along with many other local and interstate acts. There will be free food, talks, dancing, painting, singing, stories and cups of tea around the ever burning campfire.
     Apart from dozens of Koori acts, there wil be Roger Loves Betty and Friends (including co-songwriter/actor/director David Field, actor and Aboriginal language expert Richard Green), Jessamae, Genevieve Davis, The Glamma Rays, The Leisure Coasters, Lonesome Train, Alotta Pressure and Buhu, the throat singer. We'll let you know the full line up of acts soon. Get in touch for more info.

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