Seven Stories

After 4 years of development (and counting!) what was once a seed of an idea is becoming a reality. Jodi dreamed this show up with a few other composers, including Amanda Brown, Caitlin Yeo, Bree van Reyk, Jane Sheldon, Sally Whitwell and Kyls Burtland. The idea was for each woman to compose a 10 minute piece of music expressing one of the archetypal themes of human storytelling. The music was to be at the fore-front, with the visuals playing a support role.
Once Ensemble Offspring got on-board, along with the incredible soprano singer Jane Sheldon, writer Hilary Bell and visual director, Sarah-Jane Woulahan, there was no stopping us!
Seven Stories will premiere on June 3rd, 2017 at The City Recital Hall in Sydney as a part of Vivid. The show will then travel nationally and who knows where else!
Stay tuned. You can check it out here.

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