Music For Screen

Jodi and Tim have been busy over the last ten years composing for the screen. They work in any genre and get a buzz out of delivering
compositions of exceptional quality and originality. Whether you need music for a dark dramatic film, jingles for a light, happy tvc or catchy songs for a musical, we do it all.
In 2013, Jodi graduated from The Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney where she specialized in Screen Music.

Past clients...............

Merrigong Theatre in Wollongong have chosen music from Jodi's album 'In Dreams I Live' to promote their exciting 2017 line-up. You can view it here.
Mambo Documentary
  Jodi and Tim composed music for Art Irritates Life, the documentary about iconic Sydney based surf wear company, Mambo Graphics. The show went to  air on ABC in November 2016 and was directed and produced by Paul Clarke at Bombora. You can watch it on Iview here.
Roger Loves Betty's song 'Forever' will be featured in the Wildbear Entertainment mini-series, 'Changed Forever'.
  It features David Field and Colin Friels and goes to air on Foxtel in November 2016.
Convict. Jodi composed the score for the feature film, starring George Basha, Richard Green and David Field, released in 2014.
Subaru Forrester. Once again Sony/ATV have placed Hey Watcha Doin' Today in a US tvc! This time it's the 2014 campaign for the new Subaru Forrester.
• Tim's song Hey Watcha Doin' Today is featured in the Meng Tyres advertising campaign, including radio and tvc for Central Queensland, April 2012
Screenwise TVC
   Jodi composed music for the tvc, produced by Mic Gruchy in March 2012.
   Tim and Jodi composed music for an AGL Energy tvc in the ACT in October 2011.
   Tim and Jodi composed the theme song and five songs of the week for the channel 7 children's show, first aired in September 2010, 
   produced by Beyond.
•  Winners and Losers
   Tim and Jodi have both had songs placed in the Channel 7 TV series, in 2012 and 2013.
•  The Shire
   The Fishing Song by Tim was featured in the series in 2012.
•  New McDonald's Farm
   Jodi and Tim wrote twenty two songs for all three series of the channel 9 children's show, produced by Beyond in 2004-2007.
•  St George Bank jingle in 2008 
•  Bill Grainger's Travelling Cooking Show 
   Jodi and Tim composed five pieces of music for the series in 2008.
Travelers Insurance US ad campaign.
   Tim's song Hey Watcha Doin' Today has been picked up by the US company as the featured song in their new tvc, broadcast across the US for a year in     2010.
Just Being Eve 
   Jodi composed the theme song and underscore for the teen animated pilot, produced by SLR in 2008.
• Love is a Four Letter Word 
   A 2001 ABC production featuring Jodi as a live artist, performing Waiting, Wanting, Holding on the show. 
The Combination
   Tim and Jodi were the music supervisors. Tim was the music producer for the 2008 feature film, directed by David Field.
• Love My Way
  Tim's song Hey Watch Doin Today was featured in the mini-series in 2006.

• Rockwiz
  Jodi was a featured guest on Australia's favourite music trivia show in 2004, SBS.
Garage Days
  Jodi's song For the First Time (In Dreams I Live) was in the Australian film Garage Days.
Black Rock 
  Jodi's song, Ghost of Love Returned (The Clouds) featured in the Australian film, Blackrock.
Dairy Farmers
  Tim's song, By Your Side (Grandview) was featured in the television commercial for lite milk.
Stepfather of the Bride
  Jodi and Trish Young's song, Beyond the Clouds (The Girls From the Clouds) was in the ABC tele-movie, Stepfather of the Bride,
  starring Garry McDonald. 
Bossanova, The Sound That Seduced the World
  Tim and Jodi composed underscore for the ABC documentary, produced by Greg Appel in 2005.
Lockie Leonard
  Roger Loves Betty's Polkadots of Purpletown is featured in episode 4 of the second series, written by Tim Winton.



  1. 1 Italian Restaurant, from our library 00:49
  2. 2 Sunrise, composed for Bill Grainger Travelling Cooking Show 01:32
  3. 3 Hey Watcha Doin' Today 02:49
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  4. 4 Intermission 00:40
  5. 5 Just Being Eve, theme and underscore for pilot 05:36
  6. 6 I Am a Toy, written for children's show, Toybox 02:28
  7. 7 Psychotic Scene, from our library 02:59
  8. 8 Honey, Bread and Wine, composed for Bill Grainger 02:36
  9. 9 Dark Cellos, from our library 02:51
  10. 10 Diana, Vietnamese TVC 00:49
  11. 11 Nothing Better, composed for Bill Grainger 02:25
  12. 12 Mental Hospital Drug Walk, from our library 01:30
  13. 13 Bells and Harpsichord from our library 00:34
  14. 14 Toybox Theme Song 01:02
  15. 15 Screenwise TVC 00:29
  16. 16 Rape Scene from Convict 02:56
  17. 17 Convict Opening Cue 04:05
  18. 18 Waltz 01:30
  19. 19 Hiding the Body, from short film Anastasia 00:42
  20. 20 Naughty Sydney from Mambo Documentary 01:02

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