The Glamma Rays

 Jodi asked good friends Malika Elizabeth, Genevieve Davis and Tiffany Sinton if they would like to sing original songs in four part harmony. The women agreed to give it a go, starting with one of Jodi's songs 'Follow My Heart'. The harmonies were challenging but their voices blended beautifully and they went on to enjoy 6 wonderful years of recording and shows.
     Having grown up hearing jazz music, classical music and the great show tunes regularly from her father's extensive record collection, Jodi has a vast inner musical library to reach into and create new songs from. Jodi's mother Juni was a member of Los Angeles based Starr Sisters back in the early 60's. Juni and her two sisters travelled the world performing in theatres and clubs, opening for such artists as Sammy Davis Jnr and Bobby Darren. The Glamma Rays are the natural result of Jodi's musical upbringing. 
     Jodi started creating vocal arrangements on her Tascam four track recording machine when she was 16. Her band The Clouds followed on in this way and took pop harmonies to a new level. Writing songs and harmonies in four parts for four very different voices has been an exciting challenge.
     Malika Elizabeth has a deep and intimate voice, covering the bass frequencies. She is also a talented second generation songwriter. Her great aunt Jessie Mae Robinson was the first African American woman to be registered with ASCAP (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers). Jessie Mae wrote dozens of timeless standards, covered by many great artists such as Paul McCartney, Nina Simone, Led Zeppelin, and Willie Nelson to name a few. Malika plays bass, sings and writes songs for her band Jessemae. Malika's compositions are catchy and soulful and are the perfect compliment to Jodi's intricate pop ballads.
     Genevieve Davis is a world class performer with a huge voice full of soul and beauty. She has performed in various musical productions around the world, including Rent. Gen is also an accomplished actor and is in the feature film, Superman Returns. Genevieve also composes songs for The Glamma Rays.
     Tiffany Sinton has the voice of an angel and a keen eye for style. "She makes sure we look good and she can sing all the pretty angel parts I write for her" says Jodi. Tiffany has lead a colourful life, studying music, piano, teaching music in Budhapest, fronting the popular world music group, Djoliba in Hungary, learning to play tribal drums in Africa and now teaching music back in Australia. Tiffany also contributes to The Glamma Rays' compositions.
    The Glamma Rays have released 'The Austinmer Ep' and their debut album, 'Listen to the Birds'. Both are available here.
The Glamma Rays were invited to perform at the 2011 TedX event, held at Carriageworks in Sydney and broadcast globally via YouTube.


The women are now focusing on other projects but who knows what the future holds.