Tim Oxley

Hailing from the far north coast of New South Wales, Australia, Tim Oxley is the second youngest member of the undeniably talented Oxley family. Older brothers Peter and Jeremy had a mega dose of teenage fame with their band The Sunnyboys from 1980 till 1984 with their songs of adolescent angst. Their sister Melanie is a renowned vocalist in her own right, and has released 3 albums with her musical partner Chris Abrahams who is also a member of the avant-garde trio, The Necks.

This brings us to Tim, singer, guitar player, drummer and songwriter of some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful songs you are ever likely to hear. With a voice that resonates with sweet magic one moment and hardcore angst the next, Tim has been quietly working away at his craft since he left home at 17 years of age and has played with the cream of the Australian music world, subtly influencing many musicians along the way.

The Humdingers were Tim’s first serious band, a power pop force that first made music lovers aware of his gifts. After the demise of The Humdingers,The Verys emerged and enjoyed critical acclaim and many new fans, but Tim was becoming tired of amps turned up to 11 and decided to pursue his love of more laid back music.

Joining forces with Jodi Phillis, Raph Whittingham and Greg Hitchcock, The Dearhunters were born and their love of harmonies and melancholy moods entwined to record the critically acclaimed, country-tinged debut album, 'Red Wine and Blue', released on the Candle Records Label.

Tim later joined forces with Trent Macnamara to form Grandview, an acoustic duo specialising in country pop. They released an album, 'Room 15' and toured the country for a year before Tim recorded his debut solo album 'It’s all about Love'. The album was given 4 stars by music critics in Australia and the UK. It received album of the week on Melboune's RRR and gained many a fan from D.J’s around the country. Tim’s second full length album 'Kitchen Songs' was given 4 stars by Sydney Morning Herald critic Bernard Zuel. 'Kitchen Songs' was recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Tim on pro tools.

Tim and Jodi joined forces in 2007 to form the group, Roger Loves Betty a lush, pop experience overflowing with smooth harmonies and irresistible melodies. They record all their albums in their home studio on the south coast of NSW, Australia.

Tim played drums with Nick Cave at the AFI Awards in 2007. Tim also arranges and produces songs for other artists. In 2008 Tim worked as music supervisor for the David Field feature film, “The Combination”.

'We Will Riot', is the debut album from Tim's alias, Mr Flabio. It's confrontational and catchy....25 minutes of hard rock bliss. Check it out at www.conquestofnoise.com 

Tim was a founding member of The Number Four Band with iconic actors, David Field and Geoff Morrell. Their self-titled album is available in our shop.

Jodi's 5th solo album, Becoming was produced by Tim. It is out now and in our shop.  


1987 - The Humdingers 7 inch single ’A little love on the side’ b/w ’We have got it all’ (Waterfront Records)

1988 - The Humdingers E.P, ’Sign in the city’ (Waterfront records)

1988 - The Humdingers 12 inch E.P, (Waterfront Records)

1993 - The Verys E.P, ’That’s a Moray’  (Red Eye Records)

1994 - The Verys Album ’Twentieth Century Fix’ (Red Eye Records)

1995 - The Verys E.P, 'Free Wheelin Surgical Monster’ (Red Eye Records)

1995 - The Verys E.P, ’No Landing Gear’ (Red Eye Records)

1998 - The Dearhunters album, ’Red Wine and Blue’ (Candle records)

1998 - Tim plays guitar for the Sunnyboys at the Mushroom 25th anniversary concert at the MCG.

1999 - The Dearhunters 7 inch split single with The Hired guns (Steady Cam Records)

1999 - The Dearhunters ‘Banter’ (Candle Records compilation)

2001 - Grandview Album ’Grandview’ (Independent)

2002 - Tim Oxley Debut Album, 'It’s All About Love’ (Candle Records) Produced by Tim Oxley and Greg Wales

2002 - Grandview, ’Room 15’ (Half a Cow records)

2003 - Jodi Phillis, ‘For Lovers,Artists and Dreamers’ (Candle Records) Album recorded and produced by Tim Oxley

2003 - Laura Imbruglia E.P, ’It makes a crunchy noise ’ (Ready Freddie records) recorded and produced by Tim Oxley

2004 - Beatrix Bae Beumann, ' Asleep too long” Album recorded and produced by Tim Oxley.

2005 - Tim Oxley, 'Kitchen Songs (Candle Records) Album produced by Tim Oxley

2005 - The Girls From The Clouds E.P, ’La La La La’ (Candle Records) recorded and produced by Tim Oxley.

2007 - Tim Oxley plays drums for Nick Cave at the AFI awards in Melbourne.

2008 - Beatrix Bae Beumann album 2. Recorded and Produced by Tim Oxley

2008 - Roger loves Betty, Let Love Begin, Album recorded and produced by Tim Oxley.

2008 - Music supervisor and soundtrack producer/mixer  for the feature film “The Combination”directed by David Field.

2008 - Giles Field debut album, 'Too many love songs' recorded and produced by Tim Oxley.

2010 - Roger Loves Betty, “Circle suckers and Bubble stars”. Recorded and produced by Tim Oxley and Jodi Phillis.

2010 - Ilona Harker debut album, 'That which lasts' recorded and produced by Jodi Phillis and Tim Oxley.

2014 - Mr Flabio, We Will Riot, Written, played, produced by Tim Oxley.

2017 - The Number 4 Band, self-titled album, produced by Tim Oxley

2017 - The Clouds, Beautiful Nothingness single, produced by Tim Oxley







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